Ultimate Surrender

Ultimate Surrender.com lives up to its name featuring girls forced into full submission by their opponents.  This site is more sexually orientated than other wrestling sites, most matchs have the women in bikini bottoms and topless and end with them fully nude sometimes being violated by dildos, finger fucked or other forced sex acts.  You will find all types of fighting from singles to tag teams to unscripted competitve wrestling.  With a very large amount of videos and pictures already online and 5 new updates per month this is a great site to be a member of.  They even have a schedule on the tour that shows the upcoming tag team fights just like real wrestling! 

From the site: Ultimate Surrender is a very competitive female on female wrestling site. Wrestlers wrestle, to put their opponents into submission holds, and holds that make their opponent helpless. While helpless the wrestler in control earns (style) points by fingering and fondling the helpless wrestler, the helpless wrestler earns (shame) points at the same time. Style and shame points follow a wrestlers career, on their permanent record. The winner decides how loser gets fucked in the last round.

This site is very unique and if you like wrestling and also want some sexual stimulation this will probably be of interest to you.  check out rules and faq page on the site for full details about the competition.

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