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Bald chick fighting sexy slut

Sinead shaves her hair super short almost bald but it looks hot on her with her natural big boobs and athletic body.  When she is fighting in the ring her short hair stays out of her eyes and gives her catfighting opponents less to grab onto.  Of course here she is fighting a babe Betty Saint who finds it is just as easy to grab onto Sinead’s sports bra and tight shorts and use them as grips as these two hot chicks wrestle on the ground and grope each others tight bodies.  I guess the winner is whoever has an orgasm first!

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Amber Vs Christie Championship

Amber Vs Christie Championship features two of the more skilled female wrestlers from KnockOut Girlz.  These two face off in a boxing ring clad in sexy bikini’s and wrestling boots.  The match had many different types of submission attempts between these two sexy girls, violent body slams, choke holds, and even legs kicks.  The title belt went to the sexy girl in green bikini after she delivered few body slams and forced her oppenent to submit with a wicked leg hold (I’m sure the kick to the face helped soften her up!!).

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Sexy bikini fight

Onyx Vs Shelly Martinez in this semi pro bikini wrestling match.  These two sexy girls are fighting for title of sexiest fighter!  Equipped in sexy bikini tops, professional wrestling boots, tight bottoms that show off their booties these girls are ready to rumble.  Both girls have dark brunette hair making this an even match and their bodies are tight and toned for this fight.  Starting with some standup fighting this fight quickly went to the mats and technical skills were pushed to the limits as both girls utilized a variety of holds and submission attempts including some choke holds and full body slams!  To see the full fight you’ll need to visit Knockout Girlz