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Amber Vs Christie Championship

Amber Vs Christie Championship features two of the more skilled female wrestlers from KnockOut Girlz.  These two face off in a boxing ring clad in sexy bikini’s and wrestling boots.  The match had many different types of submission attempts between these two sexy girls, violent body slams, choke holds, and even legs kicks.  The title belt went to the sexy girl in green bikini after she delivered few body slams and forced her oppenent to submit with a wicked leg hold (I’m sure the kick to the face helped soften her up!!).

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Angry catfight

Two angry girls in a dirty catfight at an apartment.  These two bitches are mad about something and go at it in their living room with no rules or regard for their safety!  Clothes get ripped and removed, hair gets pulled, boobies get punched, it’s an all out brawl between these two white trailer girls!  Watch these free videos and see if you catch the thong the one slut is wearing haha!

Sexy girl in apartment catfight videos

Bellypunching punishment

In these free sample pics a pro wrestler girl punishes her opponent with devastating belly-punches until she submits and admits defeat to the sexy and obviously more powerful Christie Ricci.  The girls are clad in sexy tight bikini’s that show their well defined tight bodies and expose the damage the belly punches Deanna endure during the fight.  This bare-knuckle fight takes place inside a boxing ring and should not be attempted by amateur girls!  Christie Ricci Vs Deanna

Christie vs Deanna

Christie vs Deanna

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