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Naughty office catfight

Damn I knew the corporate world was competitive but these two babes are taking it to the next level!  I’m not sure what set off this catfight but judging from the first picture they seem to be focused on the chest area, maybe they are using illegal pushup bra’s to ‘get ahead’ in the workforce?  Whatever the cause this catfight quickly becomes a sweaty hair pulling, nail scratching, boob biting, brawl right in the center of the office!  I’m sure the male co-workers appreciated the girls ripping off their tops and shredding their bras to expose their sexy breasts.  If you’ve got a nylon or pantyhose fetish this is could be your favorite type of catfight, most women still wear stockings to the office and these two are no different, lets hope they don’t get any runs in those hose as they roll around and struggle with each other.  I guess you’ll have to check out Office Catfights to see who won this mess!

Office hair pulling

Celeste Star (Penthouse Pet and Hustler Centerfold) vs. Andie Valentino (Penthouse Pet)

From the start these two babes didn’t get along and once they were at the office the claws really came out as they aggresively fought for more attention from the boss until they broke down and started physically fighting!  This is a really sexually charged office fight (I mean both girls are basically porn stars duh).  But they are aggressive and not wimps when it came to showing which one deserved more attention with lots of hair pulling and ripping of clothes.  They were both wearing short office skirts and sexy pantyhose which were quickly ripped to shreds as they clawed at each other as the fight wore down they were both pretty much nude and exhausted and I venture to say WE ended up the victors getting to see these two hotties fight and get exposed to the camera 😉  Check out office catfights for more