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Fantasy girls Fighting

Remember the Wizard of Oz?  Ever wonder what it would be like to see Dorothy and the Wicked Witch in a catfight?  Well here you go!  Sexy girl Jen and her opponent dress up in sexy costume and have an all out catfight brawl to determine who will prevail, the witch or the innocent sexy girl?!  Enjoy these free samples I found from Jenz Dollhouse and visit her site to see the ending of this fight and if they finish with any clothes on are does this catfight culminate in totally nude girl on girl wrestling??  I wonder if the tinman and scarecrow get in action afterwards 😉

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Office hair pulling

Celeste Star (Penthouse Pet and Hustler Centerfold) vs. Andie Valentino (Penthouse Pet)

From the start these two babes didn’t get along and once they were at the office the claws really came out as they aggresively fought for more attention from the boss until they broke down and started physically fighting!  This is a really sexually charged office fight (I mean both girls are basically porn stars duh).  But they are aggressive and not wimps when it came to showing which one deserved more attention with lots of hair pulling and ripping of clothes.  They were both wearing short office skirts and sexy pantyhose which were quickly ripped to shreds as they clawed at each other as the fight wore down they were both pretty much nude and exhausted and I venture to say WE ended up the victors getting to see these two hotties fight and get exposed to the camera 😉  Check out office catfights for more

Bedroom catfight with hair pulling

Damn these two sexy girls are in a BIG FIGHT in their bedroom!  I sure wouldn’t want to try and breakup these two hotties as they go at it on the bed, ripping of their bikini tops and exposing their bouncing boobies as they fight to submit the other girl.  With plenty of hair pulling and grappling this looks like an all out brawl with the potential for some real pain, makes me wonder if these two chicks are fighting over me 😉  It must be something important to them with the amount of pain they seem to be inflicting as they scramble for domination and try to avoid falling off the bed.  I’m betting that the topless girl that managed to get the choke hold on the other sexy girl is about to win this catfight if for no other reason than that other hottie can’t fight if she passes out from lack of oxygen!!  I can only hope that once they settle this catfight they can get naked, kiss and hold each other as they nurse their wounds… yea that’s my fantasy but you can visit KissAssGirlz to see the actual video and outcome yourself!

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Apartment catfight

Veronica vs Coco in this apartment catfight!  I’m glad this isn’t my apartment as these girls fight rough!  Starting with some trash talking that escalates to physical violence this fight has two very sexy girls grappling.  In true urban style one girl is wearing a cute hat and slutty yellow tube top while her opponent in a low cut lace blouse that her bra encased boobs are nearly bursting out!  Once the action gets physical all bets are off and the clothes gets ripped and pulled revealing more skin for my spying eyes 😉  As is normal in catfights there is plenty of hair pulling and ground wrestling but these girls show they are trained pro’s too with some leg locks, chockholds, and brutal stomach punching (must protect those pretty faces of course!)  The sexy girl in the tube top of course ends up victorious by pinning the other girl, finishing the fight with a disrespectful kiss blown to her pinned victim.  Enjoy these free sexy cat-fighting girls pics

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Angry catfight

Two angry girls in a dirty catfight at an apartment.  These two bitches are mad about something and go at it in their living room with no rules or regard for their safety!  Clothes get ripped and removed, hair gets pulled, boobies get punched, it’s an all out brawl between these two white trailer girls!  Watch these free videos and see if you catch the thong the one slut is wearing haha!

Sexy girl in apartment catfight videos