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Bedroom catfight with hair pulling

Damn these two sexy girls are in a BIG FIGHT in their bedroom!  I sure wouldn’t want to try and breakup these two hotties as they go at it on the bed, ripping of their bikini tops and exposing their bouncing boobies as they fight to submit the other girl.  With plenty of hair pulling and grappling this looks like an all out brawl with the potential for some real pain, makes me wonder if these two chicks are fighting over me 😉  It must be something important to them with the amount of pain they seem to be inflicting as they scramble for domination and try to avoid falling off the bed.  I’m betting that the topless girl that managed to get the choke hold on the other sexy girl is about to win this catfight if for no other reason than that other hottie can’t fight if she passes out from lack of oxygen!!  I can only hope that once they settle this catfight they can get naked, kiss and hold each other as they nurse their wounds… yea that’s my fantasy but you can visit KissAssGirlz to see the actual video and outcome yourself!

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Threeway catfight

Damn this threeway catfight has everything, chokes, punching, hair pulling, and most important boobies exposed!  So I’m not sure what set these three girls into a fight but take your pick of the usual suspects (bf’s, money, clothes, etc) but that doesn’t really matter, what is important is that these three hotties are in bikini’s and fighting!  Who doesn’t love a good three girl cat fight at the house?  I guess we can be thankful that this fight ended with some boobs exposed and embarrasement as the punishment rather than see any of these three girls getting seriously hurt.  Still that stomach punch looks pretty painful…

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