Sexy Fighters

Sexy is a very unique site, they claim: is about females wrestling and catfighting in our custom made arena called the Battle Pit.  The rules for battling in our Battle Pit is simple. The Sexy Fighters entering the pit must strip out of their clothes down to their lingerie. The girls then get “oiled up” before the start of Round 1 by our referee. The objective for each fighter is to get their opponent COMPLETELY nude first and then pin them down for a three count. The winner is declared when she has successfully stripped her opponent fully nude AND get a 3-count pin!

All that sounds very entertaining but they also offer bonus content and most interesting in my opinion is the exclusive adult sex comics that focus on catfighting and wrestling, something I have not seen on any other fight site.  So if you like real girls oiled up, wrestling and fighting to get each other nude then this site should be top of your list.  Or if you want something new and very unique you’ll enjoy the adult fight comics available. 

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