Bellypunching punishment

In these free sample pics a pro wrestler girl punishes her opponent with devastating belly-punches until she submits and admits defeat to the sexy and obviously more powerful Christie Ricci.  The girls are clad in sexy tight bikini’s that show their well defined tight bodies and expose the damage the belly punches Deanna endure during the fight.  This bare-knuckle fight takes place inside a boxing ring and should not be attempted by amateur girls!  Christie Ricci Vs Deanna

Christie vs Deanna

Christie vs Deanna

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Ultimate sex wrestling

Vendetta vs The Apprentice from Ultimate Surrender is the newest wrestling match featured in 49 minutes of fighting and over two thousands pictures of the match.  This site has it’s own rules that mostly center around using wrestling moves and technique to strip your opponent nude and then force them into submission with sexually dominanting moves.  In this match Vendetta uses her experience and superior technical skills to ultimately force The Apprentice into submission but not before The Apprentice shows her feisty attitude and future potential.  Leg locks, chin holds, face sitting, submission attempts, and lots of finger fucking and pussy licking are what you will find in this newest update.  This fight has a great deal of submission attempts and a high level of technical skill involved but as always the object is to get your opponent out of her bikini and into a sexually comprimised position and for me that is the best type of female on female combat!!

See some of the video of this ultimate bikini match

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