4 way tag team match

Ariel X, Jennifer Dark, Madison Young, and Wenona all clad in tight bikinis in this 4 way tag team wrestling match.  These ladies are all fit, ripped and ready to rumble!  The tag team match on ultimate surrender is a pro female wrestling match with a referee and lively audience with a real title at stake.  These four girls go at it with every intention of submitting the other team and claiming the female fighter title.  The object is complete sexual surrender of the opposing team so the bikini’s are quickly ripped off and fingers and tongues put to good use as they work to force the other team into positions with little control in this crazy bikini fight.  The fight ends with one team totally dominating and using strapon toys to ram home their victory!

Bikini match

Shelly Martinez Vs Laura in this hardcore bikini wrestling match in the ring.  I always hear how crazy redheads can be and I think this hottie in the black bikini proves she can kick the ass of the babe in pink bikini.  The match starts out with some great holds and submission moves including a leg lock that gives us a great view of the pink bikini stretched over a tight pussy 😉  After awhile the girl in the pink bikini has to admit defeat as her joints are stretched to the limit. 

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